Assisting Clients In Title Issues And Quiet Title Suits

If your title issues include a title insurance claim or title dispute in Oviedo or elsewhere in Central Florida, our team of lawyers and professional staff at Cloninger & Files, Attorneys at Law, can review your situation and guide you toward a resolution.

A Local Firm Uniquely Equipped To Assist With Your Title Issues

We operate our own title company, enabling us to promptly obtain assistance with procuring title searches for various purposes, whether your transaction is commercial or residential, whether it is a purchaser, sale or refinancing of a loan secured by property you own. Since 1976, our skilled real estate law firm has worked hard to safeguard client interests when title problems make ownership unclear and result in financial losses.

Title insurance purchased at closing is based on the price of a real estate investment and protects purchasers from losses due to pre-existing title defects. At Cloninger & Files, we take care of any flaws related to outstanding judgments, liens and mortgages. Other complications may arise from forged deeds, recording errors, fraud and deeds by minors. Such risks are covered by title insurance.

We can also assist in quiet title actions to perfect or define your rights as an owner and remove clouds on your property's title. By working closely with you, we can ensure you have a marketable and clean title to your property.

Your title insurance policy should put your mind at rest about your financial and emotional investment after acquiring real property in Seminole County or elsewhere in Central Florida. To that end, we will remain available to you and your family throughout the process, providing prompt and honest answers to your questions and concerns.

Cloninger & Files, Attorneys At Law — Real Estate Law Firm And Title Company

To learn more about our real estate practice and how we can serve you, reach out to us at Cloninger & Files in Oviedo at 407-278-5624 or toll free at 877-359-7049, or contact us via email through our online contact form. We give prompt responses to all email messages.