Representing Your Interests During Will Contests And Probate Litigation

After the loss of a loved one, many families in Seminole County and throughout Florida must face the probate process while emotions run high. In many cases, will contests or other probate litigation can arise when a beneficiary or other party believes that the interests of the deceased have been mismanaged or misrepresented.

From our office in Oviedo, our team at Cloninger & Files, Attorneys at Law, works alongside beneficiaries, personal representatives and others involved in the probate process. We know firsthand that will contests and other forms of probate and estate litigation can be time-consuming, costly and compromise good will between family members. That is why we take a hands-on approach to helping our clients understand their options, protect the integrity of their loved one's estate and move through the litigation process as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Why Challenge A Will?

It's important to understand that you cannot simply challenge the validity of a will because you do not like its provisions or you believe you are not receiving your fair share. In many cases, a will is called into question when an individual with legal standing suspects that the decedent was mentally incapacitated while drafting the will (dementia, senility or an otherwise delusion or unsound disposition). In other cases, suspicions of coercion, fraud or under influence may bring a will under further scrutiny.

If you are a potential heir or beneficiary and suspect that your deceased loved one's will is invalid or that the personal representative has mismanaged the estate, we can help you take action and contest the validity of probate or estate litigation.

Some other common challenges to a last will and testament include:

  • The will was improperly drafted, left unsigned or unwitnessed
  • The decedent was mentally incapacitated at the time the will was created
  • Undue influence or fraud from an outside party compromised the true wishes of the decedent
  • The will was forged or an earlier or contradictory will exists
  • Breach of fiduciary duty on the part of the personal representative
  • Elective share

At Cloninger & Files, we can help you understand your options when contesting a will or pursuing probate and estate litigation. Whether disputing the validity of a will or trust or pursuing a lawsuit against a third party, our attorneys will clearly explain what you're up against, outline the laws and processes, and help you resolve your dispute as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Taking The Stress Out Of Will Contests And Probate Litigation

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