Experienced Counsel Guiding You Through The Florida Probate Process

At Cloninger & Files, Attorneys at Law, Oviedo probate lawyers Evelyn W. Cloninger and James Graham work directly with individuals and families when probating wills, representing a client's need to receive an estate inheritance and advocate effectively in court when litigation of a will contest is necessary.

Trusted Probate Counsel Focused On You And Your Family

For more than 35 years, our team at Cloninger & Files has been helping families in Seminole County and throughout Florida efficiently and effectively navigate the probate process. We understand the laws surrounding probate, the probate courts, as well as the importance of helping people move through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

If an estate has been properly planned and contains a valid last will and testament, Cloninger & Files will coordinate with executors, personal representatives, trustees and beneficiaries to ensure a smooth distribution of assets. If a loved one has died without a will, setting the stage for complications with estate administration or disputes between family members, we will safeguard your interests during negotiations and in court.

Throughout the legal process, you will receive maximum access to our recommendations and prompt answers to any questions or concerns that arise. We take great pride in maintaining accessibility to our attorneys and staff throughout the probate process. Whether you have questions regarding the role of the executor or wish to learn about what assets fall under probate, we will be here, ready to guide you through.

Cloninger & Files, Attorneys At Law — Quality Probate Representation In Central Florida Since 1976

Cloninger & Files is a practice committed to excellence for clients in East Orlando and Seminole County who need customized solutions to estate administration problems. We encourage you to discover our personal approach by arranging an initial consultation. Call 407-278-5624 or 877-359-7049 toll free. You can also reach us via email by completing our Internet contact form.