The Benefits Of Establishing Power of Attorney

Although it may be unpleasant, it's important to consider worst-case scenarios when planning your future. For example, what will happen if you suffer a serious ailment or injury that leaves you disabled? Will your family be able to manage your finances, insurance or simply manage day-to-day expenses?

What Can Establishing Power Of Authority Do For Me?

At Cloninger & Files, Attorneys at Law, our team wants to help you consider and prepare for all possible life changes. An important estate planning instrument benefiting many of our clients in Oviedo and throughout Florida is power of attorney. In short, by having a properly drafted power of attorney, your agent (often a spouse or close relative) will be able to manage your affairs — bank accounts, brokerage, insurance and other financial, health-related and personal matters — if you are no longer fit to do so.

When drafting the language of your power of attorney documents, our attorneys will outline your options and help you broaden or limit the scope of your agent's authority. These documents are relatively flexible, allowing you to tailor the document to fit your needs. In many cases, power of attorney may be used to permit your agent to:

  • Make health care decisions
  • Handle financial transactions
  • Handling real estate transactions
  • Manage government benefits, including Medicaid
  • Sign contracts and other legal documents

Perhaps you have heard of different types of power of attorney documents, including limited power of attorney, general power of attorney and durable power of attorney. As a team of lawyers that has helped numerous individuals and families properly prepare their affairs, we will sit down with you in a comfortable setting; clearly explain the differences, features and benefits of each; and carefully prepare your power of attorney and other estate planning documents to ensure you and your loved ones can move forward with peace of mind.

We Provide Clear, Honest And Actionable Counsel To Clients Throughout Florida

When should I start preparing my estate? Who may serve as my agent? What are the duties and powers of an agent?

At Cloninger & Files, we are here to answer your questions. We understand that preparing your future can be intimidating. That is why we look to alleviate the pressure by providing clear, understandable legal counsel in a comfortable setting.

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