Advance Directives: Living Wills And Health Care Surrogates

As with any other estate planning document, the language of your living will, health care power of attorney and other advance directives should be written clearly and in accordance with your wishes should you be rendered unable to communicate and care for yourself.

Your Wishes And Interests Guide Our Efforts

Although the future is unpredictable, you can protect yourself and your family by taking proper legal precautions. For more than 35 years, our team at Cloninger & Files, Attorneys at Law, has been helping clients in Oviedo and the neighboring Florida communities understand, prepare and execute advance directives to ensure their health, financial affairs and other interests are well-protected.

In short, your advance directives should clearly outline your wishes regarding the medical care you wish to receive (or not receive) if you are incapacitated. By planning for the possibility of suffering a serious disability or ailment today, you protect yourself and your family from potentially costly and emotionally burdensome decisions down the road.

As your attorneys, we will help you understand the benefits of the following:

  • Living will: As a competent adult, you can draft a living will that clearly directs the provision, withholding or withdrawal of life-prolonging procedures should your condition be terminal or if you are in a vegetative state. We can help you broaden or limit the scope of your living will to account for your individual wishes.
  • Health care surrogate: By granting authority to a health care surrogate, you are empowering a trusted individual to make health care decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated. Your health care surrogate will make health care decisions on your behalf based on his or her best judgment and, if possible, in accordance with your stated wishes.

There's no doubt that preparing a living will, health care surrogate and other advance directives can be a daunting process when handled alone. Although there are plenty of lawyers out there who will simply toss a document in front of you, we believe in taking a more hands-on approach. By working closely with you, we can better understand your specific needs and goals and ensure your advance directives protect your interests.

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